How to Travel to Maldives on a Budget?

Located towards the Southeast of Sri Lanka on the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is an archipelago consisting of 26 atolls and close to 1,200 coral islands. Out of which, barely 200 are inhabited. Maldives is often considered one of the of the most expensive tropical holiday destinations. It is true if you plan on staying on an island or overwater bungalow. However, there are cheaper alternatives as well where you can still experience the most of what Maldives has to offer.

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Where Should You Stay?

There are close to 400 budget hotels in maldives apart from guesthouses and hostels. The Maldivian government recently changed its laws and as a result numerous guesthouses and hostels have opened up on the local islands. Some guesthouses are just as luxurious as budget resorts, with amenities such as rooftop infinity pools with an unhindered view of the palm-lined beaches, etc.

Despite being cheaper than most budget resorts in maldives, the average price per night for a room at a standard guesthouse is around $60. While budget resorts can charge $300 plus taxes, luxury resorts charge well above $800 per night. Certain areas on local islands are popular with tourists. Check for such places with your travel planner before booking your accommodation.

Top 5 Local Islands for a Budget Trip:

Maafushi – One of the first local islands to accommodate tourists, Maafushi has dozens of guesthouses to choose from. If you are keen on scuba diving or snorkeling, there are quite a few reputed dive centers too!

Dhiffushi – Located just 36 kms from male, Dhiffushi is the last inhabited island on the Eastern edge of Maldives. The island is famous for water sports activities and has a bikini beach.

Gan – Located on the Laamu Atoll, the island of Gan offers a relaxing getaway among pristine white sand beaches and coral reefs.

Huraa – Located barely 35 minutes away from Male, the island of Huraa, with its population of 600, offers an authentic Maldivian beach holiday. If you are interested in interacting with the locals, consider staying in Huraa. The island has limited scope for accommodation and is never overcrowded with tourists.

Thulusdhoo – Considered one of the best surfing spots in the Indian Ocean, Thulusdhoo, with a population of 1,400 is located just North of Male. It is the ideal budget destination, devoid of too many 5-star accommodations.